Lavit Cooler Water Cooler – refresh your office break room!

Are you tired of simple, boring water? At the touch of a button, choose from chilled, filtered, or sparkling water and delicious better-for-you beverages. With the revolutionary countertop Lavit Cooler Water Cooler, you can add variety and flavor to your office’s water.

Lavit gives you the option of both flat and sparkling water in a variety of flavors with state of the art Lavit flavor capsules. The products are 100% recyclable, have low or no sugar, 10 calories or less, natural flavors, gluten free options and they are preservative free.

Enjoy Arizona Teas, energy drinks and healthy sugar-free beverages with the option of flat or sparkling. Of course, if you want plain still water or sparkling water, you can still have that too.  The choices are almost limitless.

There are three flavor categories:

Originals: a flavor for every taste.



Supernaturals: lightly sweetened with Stevia.

Unsweetened Supernaturals: a hint of flavor for still or sparkling water.

Lavit also partnered with Juice Press, the East Coast’s fastest growing organic food and beverage retailer, to create two infused water capsules for Lavit’s Cooler Water Coolers.

The partnership includes Juice Press’s highly popular Rose Water, as well as a new functional energy offering, Cinnamon Guarana Water, which debuted exclusively for Lavit’s patented, single-serve cold beverage water coolers.

Lavit was conceived in the Swiss Alps where the water you drink is as pure as the air you breathe. Lavit set out to create an alternative to the massive trucking of water and bottled beverages and were committed to offering only healthy drinks. By design, no beverage in the Lavit system can be high in sugar.

Try it still, try it sparkling or even add more water to get it just as you like it – that’s refreshingly personal! All we do is hook up your Lavit to your water source and add the filter system of your choice (Carbon Filter or Reverse Osmosis) and you’re ready to enjoy a limitless supply of cold refreshing drinks.

Contact your Aroma representative about a free trial of this incredible cold beverage system or simply send an email to: