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Kahwa Coffee – Perfect Company Coffee

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company opened its doors in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida in 2006. Aroma Coffee is proud to now carry Kahwa products for your office and commercial space!

Where was Kahwa Coffee Discovered?

Coffee was first discovered in the wild in Ethiopia in the Kaffa region. The Turkish name given to coffee, “kahve” evolved to “qahwa” in Arabic. The spelling differs according to the different countries but Kahwa is the original name for coffee throughout Africa. It evolved to café (in French) or caffe (in Italian) and remains common slang for coffee in France.

kawha coffee

Where is Kahwa Coffee Roasted?

All Kahwa Coffee roasting is done at the production site in Tampa Bay, infusing a local taste to the beans. With over 15 years of experience in the coffee industry, Kahwa combines passion and expertise in their process. Kahwa Coffee roasters go through intensive training to make sure each bean will eventually become a cup coffee worth savoring!

The first Kahwa Coffee café opened in downtown St. Petersburg, FL to showcase their enthusiasm for great coffee and high quality coffee drinks. Sarasota has already begun to embrace the Kahwa brand as there are two Kahwa Coffee locations in the Sarasota area, one in Lakewood Ranch as well as one coffee shop in downtown Sarasota.

With a focus on the local community, Kahwa Coffee takes pride in working with and supporting nonprofit organizations in the Tampa Bay area, such as Big Cat Rescue.

Can You Supply Kahwa Coffee For My Company?

At Aroma Coffee, we are thrilled to now carry Kahwa fraction packs for traditional coffee brewers, K-Cups for Keurig single-cup brewers and whole bean for bean-to-cup brewers.

We supply offices in Southwest Florida with the finest beverages and locally roasted coffees. Give us a call today to bring Kahwa and our other products into your office space >> 239-481-7262.