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Featuring: Hurricane Coffee & Tea

Aroma Coffee is proud to be the exclusive provider of Florida-based Hurricane Coffee and Tea in west, central and southwest Florida. We offer a variety of Hurricane Coffees in both regular, decaf, and flavored fraction packs for traditional coffee brewers and in K-Cups for Keurig single cup brewers.

Hurricane Coffee and Tea celebrates the laid back spirit of the south with rich, smooth coffees which are best when savored slowly. At the same time, it’s not always smooth sailing along the coast… with roast strength measured on a scale of “Generator” to “Category 5,” you should never underestimate the power of these beans.

We are thrilled to carry Hurricane’s newest roast – Cuba 1910.  Inspired by the Cyclone of the Five Days, Cuba 1910 celebrates the spirit of Cuba and its coffee-roasting heritage. Discover the intense and distinct flavor of this dark-roasted Cuban style coffee, crafted to perfection using only 100% Rainforest Alliance beans.

Let’s take a closer look at Hurricane Coffee’s regular roasts…

Category 5: Dark Roast
The biggest and boldest of them all! This dark, heavy-bodied blend features the smoky notes of a traditional French roast crafted with beans from 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Volcanic Sumatra: Dark Roast
Lush volcanic soils forge the essence of this rich, full bodied coffee. Roasted deep and dark to reveal it’s distinctly earthy character, this single origin Sumatran is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Aftershock: Dark Roast
Distinctive high-grown Rainforest Alliance Certified beans from Central and South America are dark roasted to help develop a full body and deepened notes of toasted walnut with a trace of smokiness.

Nor’Easter: Dark Roast
This classic dark roast is a blend of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees from high-altitude farms in Latin America. With its full body and toasted nut notes, it offers a bold, satisfying cup.

Colombia El Niño: Medium Roast
Famous for its aroma, this medium roast 100% Colombian coffee also offers a full, rich flavor. Each bean is handpicked from select Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in the Colombian highlands.

Big Wave Kona Blend: Medium Roast
Hawaii is known for more than just its big waves; it’s home to Kona coffee, one of the world’s most sought-after origins. Grab your mug and pull up a chair on the Lanai while you enjoy this Kona blend’s excellent balance and notes of chocolate and caramel with a honey-sweetness.

Tremor Blend: Medium Roast
Balanced and aromatic beans from Costa Rica complement coffees from Central America in this popular Rainforest Alliance certified blend. Look for notes of toasted nut with a bright finish in this medium roast.

The Generator: Light Roast
This blend of light-roasted Rainforest Alliance coffees from Latin America is mild & mellow with a smooth flavor and clean finish. The perfect start to your day!

We love supporting Florida brands in an effort to help local businesses grow. By incorporating Hurricane Coffee and Tea into the break room of your office, you will also play a valuable role in the mission to support small business.

Hurricane Coffee and Tea is helping people affected by disasters like floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes as well as countless other crises at home and around the world, by donating 3% of the purchase price of every pound of coffee produced to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Their commitment to community doesn’t stop there. The coffee blends are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified and have been harvested from progressive coffee farms around our globe. Now that’s something to feel good about.

So brew it up and enjoy your favorite roast of Hurricane Coffee. It’s good to know you’re making an impact at the office with your hard work and your cup of coffee… no matter the conditions!