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Five Reasons Why You Should Up Your Office Coffee Game

After water, coffee is the most widely-consumed beverage on the planet.  Here at Aroma Coffee, we deliver the leading coffee & tea products to offices and other commercial settings throughout the Tampa Bay area.  

Our team believes in the power of the humble coffee bean to fuel productivity and wellness at work, and we work hard every day to deliver great service and products with a smile.  Here’s why your company should upgrade your coffee offerings today by calling Aroma Coffee.

  1. Improves concentration and focus

From a productivity standpoint, coffee is a great source of caffeine, which can provide that much-needed jolt for increased employee output.  In an average cup of coffee, there are about 80mg of caffeine, and in two shots of espresso, that number rises to about 125mg.

Caffeine can enhance mental performance, alertness, and willpower, ensuring that employees can rely on coffee for that much-needed stamina and jolt of energy towards the end of the day.

2. Better coffee = happier employees

Coffee makes people happy… no data necessary to back up that fact!  Anxiety is often diminished by caffeine intake and most who aren’t “morning people” can attest that they feel better and more equipped to deal with stress after just one cup o’ joe.

Improving the office coffee selection is also a great way to encourage positivity around your workplace, and build community around the coffee station.  Let collaborations brew and ideas percolate (pardon the puns).

3. Attract young, hip employees

As far as the human resources team in your office is concerned, offering a diverse line-up of coffee is a fabulous perk for many millennial and Gen X employees, for whom intangible employee benefits are important.  Millennials comprise 44% of America’s coffee lovers, and are interested in the source of the beans and the quality of the coffee.  These young workers are so invested in coffee, they are spending more on java than their own retirement plans.  

They are also curious about trying new things that could amp up their “Instagram street cred” like nitro cold brew or coffee tonics.  Give the next generation of workforce what they’re looking for by upgrading your office coffee bar.

4.Save time & money

Hamilton Beach reports that on average, per worker, 24 minutes per day are spent making and drinking coffee… which means that on an annual basis, this amounts to about $400 per worker, per year lost to the quest for coffee.  Over the course of a working lifetime, 190 days are lost to coffee. Almost an entire year!

Why not make your coffee process more streamlined and efficient, using state-of-the-art coffee machines that make caffeine consumption a breeze?  Aroma Coffee has myriad options for single-cup systems that also ensure little product is wasted, saving you even more money.

5. Health benefits

Coffee consumption has been widely studied for links to health benefits.  Healthline reports that daily coffee intake can lower one’s risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, and even certain types of cancers.  There is also a possibility that coffee can extend one’s lifespan, burn fat and increase metabolism. For businesses and organizations concerned about wellness and overall quality of life improvements, offering a great coffee selection is a no-brainer.

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