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Healthy Office Snacks

Long days in the office can drone on, and towards the end of the day, the mid-afternoon hunger can attack you and your employees. No one can work to their best ability on an empty stomach!

That’s why Aroma Coffee Service provides more than just coffee for our customers. Our beverage and food service is a one-stop-shop for all of your office beverage and snacking needs. We carry thousands of items including everything from healthy snacks, bottled and canned juices to candy and canned soda.

Our snack orders are custom, so you are able to select the products that you know you and your employees will enjoy. Your Aroma Coffee sales representative will take inventory of your snacks and beverages to ensure that your office never runs out of your favorite snack products.

According to Harvard Business Review, “Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance,” and a bad decision at the vending machine can derail a day’s worth of productivity. Healthier options provide sustained energy for high performance throughout the day. –Inc. Magazine

If you are interested in having a healthy work snack station, take a look at our suggestions!

Mixed nuts are a quick and protein-dense snack that can be eaten quickly at the desk.

Popcorn is a low calorie snack that will satisfy you between meals.

Beef jerky when prepared right is a lean protein that helps you stay fuller longer.

Dried fruit is a source of natural sugar to keep your blood sugar high during a long day.

Sparkling soda can be a great alternative to popular soft drinks high in sugar.

Whole grain crackers keep you more full than fried alternatives like chips!

Fruit juices can be useful for diabetics in the office or anyone who suffers from low blood sugar.

When it comes to productivity, the combination of coffee and working on a satisfied stomach lead to better concentration. Give your employees all the tools they need to take on the work week! Stock your office with healthy snacks. Request our custom snack orders today!