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Nespresso & Nunshen: Socially Conscious Coffee and Teas

Did you know? Aroma Coffee offers Nespresso pods for your office coffee service.  Thanks to Nespresso’s high standards of quality and great selection, this amazing coffee will be the newest subject of conversation around the office coffee machine. Nespresso’s vast selection of pods range from the mild blends like the Lungo Forte to robust blends like the Ristretto Intenso. Flavored blends like Espresso Vanilla and Espresso Caramel are also available for those who have a sweet tooth.  We love that Nespresso works with farmers to produce their premium blends using sustainable methods.


In addition to carrying Nespresso coffee products, Aroma Coffee now carries Nunshen Tea. Nunshen Tea is prepared in the most traditional way to preserve the aromas and flavors of the leaves. These teas are entirely made from biodegradable natural materials with no artificial additives. Even the sachets are also handmade using 100% cotton to allow the teas to express their aromas. The tea selection ranges from flavorful black teas to delicate green teas infused with jasmine. Nunshen’s selection of Black or Rooibos teas are great for a quick afternoon pick-me-up.


These fine teas, like Nespresso, also work towards a sustainable environment. Nunshen has certified packaging by the Forest Stewardship Council and participates in environmental programs worldwide. Both of these socially responsible products are made in sustainable ways and can now be delivered to your company’s door. Try Aroma Coffee’s Nespresso pods to start your day and relax with a cup of Nunshen tea in the afternoon. Order Nespresso pods and Nunshen’s fine teas with your smiling Aroma Coffee representative today.