aroma coffee service

New Year, New Equipment

It’s the time of the year where we make resolutions and raise our standards. This year, why not make the resolution to upgrade your coffee machines? That’s right, out with the old and in with the new. Aroma Coffee provides state-of-the-art coffee machines ranging from single cup to bean-to-cup brewers. Along with our machines, we clean the equipment for you as well as swap pods.

The Dejong Duke Bean-to-Cup Brewer

Meet the ultimate Coffee Machine that will rival popular coffee houses everywhere. This nifty gadget has a touch-screen display making this a user-friendly, no-brainer office purchase. The Dejong Duke Brewer offers and array of popular barista-style drinks at your disposal, ranging from cappuccinos to espresso. If you like what you are reading, request a demo.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Water systems are also a way of upping your office standards this year as well. We offer Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems to get rid of any impurities. By using this process, water contaminants are eliminated from your water. Get rid of the oversized, overly expensive water cooler and replace it with our economical Reverse Osmosis water treatment system to make your office a happier and healthier place! Many customers who switch to Reverse Osmosis water systems from traditional bottled water coolers find their savings higher than the cost of their coffee & tea service!

Learn more about this process here.

Ring in the new year by decluttering your office, and transitioning to sleeker and more compact water coolers and coffee machines. After all, the coffee you brew is only as good as the machine used to brew it. Find what you’re missing from your current machines! Make the resolution to raise your coffee standards in 2019. Try a demo of any of our machines today!