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It’s Time to Consider Switching to Pods

If you are a K-Cup user and haven’t tried Pods, you should strongly consider trying them. Pods have several advantages over K-Cups:
– Pods are more Eco-Friendly
  Pods are 100% biodegradable and compostible where K-Cups end up in our land fills, further polluting our environment.
– Pods are less expensive per cup
  Pods typically cost around 55 cents per cup, which is typically over 10 cents less expensive per cup than K-Cups
– Pods taste better
  Pods pack more grams of coffee per cup than K-Cups resulting in a more robust and flavorful cup of coffee or tea.
– Pods can reduce theft in your office
  Pods are not available in home units, like K-Cups are. Therefore there is no reason for an employee or customer to take them home to use in their home brewer.
Aroma Coffee Service stocks a large array of Pod brands and varieties in both coffee and tea, including such brand names as Hurricane, Reunion Island and Kahwa. If you are interested in a FREE trial of Pods in our state of the art Pod brewers, please call our Director of Sales, Phil Lessor at 1-800-448-9139 or email him at Phil@aromacoffee.net