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ION Bottleless Water Cooler – Our Favorite Ion Water Cooler

Forget the water cooler talk, let’s talk about the water cooler!

Introducing the ION drinking water appliance, a unique new bottle-free water cooler that makes all other water coolers obsolete.

A single sip of water from the ION will make you want to kick your old office water cooler to the curb. Made in the USA by Natural Choice Corporation the world’s innovator in drinking water systems, the ION frees you from bottled water by connecting directly to your tap water supply. 

What Is The Filtration System?

The system uses a 0.5-micron, commercial-grade carbon filtration system to remove impurities beyond just chlorine, taste, and odor. With ION, your drinking water is always bottle-free and equally important – it’s freshly filtered. Many bottleless water coolers have reservoirs or storage tanks that hold water for weeks or even months. ION’s unique design ensures every glass dispensed is freshly filtered—no more stagnant water from a hidden reservoir tank.

View ION Bottleless Water Cooler Dimensions:

Quick Dimensions (W x D x H)

13.6″ x 20.6″ x 16.2″ / 346mm x 523mm x 412mm

The ION water cooler is available in four color models, all of which serve your choice of hot, cold, ambient or sparkling water at the touch of a button. Designed to fit on most countertops, the ION™ makes a great office water cooler where space may be limited. The 9″ dispensing height easily fills cups, carafes, pitchers, and water bottles.

Be good to your body and your mind, and make the healthy, convenient choice to switch to ION.

What Does ION Mean On a Water Cooler?

Unlike other coolers, ION water-coolers are reservoir-free. Instead, the ION’s uniquely engineered design freshly filters every glass instantly on demand.

ION Water Cooler Setup

Set up and installation is a breeze, too… mostly because you don’t have to do a thing!  Our dedicated Aroma Coffee reps will exceed your expectations with by performing ION’s hook-up to your water line and power supply. We will also set up the software that enables the machine to craft the beverage you’re craving, whether sparkling, hot, or not.  Your Aroma Coffee representative will also handle the recurring maintenance including checking the faucet, replacing the filter, and changing out drip trays. ION’s faucet and drip tray are easily removable and dishwasher safe if you wanted to DIY this task as it helps keep maintenance at a minimum and your ION operating like new.

Are Bottleless water coolers worth it?

If you buy a bottle of water every day for $1.99 at a convenience store, you are spending $726.35 yearly! Large cases of bottled water for big teams add up much more quickly.  In the United States, bottled water is quickly becoming the drink of choice. ION will pay for itself in savings and help you offer employees what they really want to enjoy while at work.

Call your Aroma Coffee representative today to schedule a demo of ION Bottleless Water Cooler.