Manufactured by Everpure* our water systems remove 99.9%** of all fine particles from your water. Items such as dirt, chlorine, protozoan cyst, asbestos fibers, particulate lead, oxidized iron, aluminum, sulfer and manganese are removed from your water. Selected pesticide pollutants such as p-Dichlorobenzene and Chlordane are also removed. The AC Aqua System eliminates 90%-99%** of all detergents and fishy, musty and earthy tastes and odors.

All AC Aqua Systems are maintained and serviced by our certified technicians. Filters are changed regularly at no charge. * Everpure is the supplier of point-of-use water treatments to companies such as McDonalds, 7-Eleven, Coca-Cola and Disney World.

** Removal percentages as reported by Gulf South Research Institute under contract from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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